Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Compilation of Research - Something New

I think throughout this course I've tended to use my blog as an information dump, which is useful for me to refer back to when finalizing idea's, it sometimes clutters the pages, and is hard for outside people to know what the hell I'm actually doing.

To me personally, all the gathered research is important, and it's true sometimes I feel reluctant to leave anything out, however condensing is needed to save time for reference. So I thought I'd compile my information into a 'Spider Diagram' inspired design which is 'reader freindly' and more professional & visual.

I feel this template works well both visually and effectively, highlighting main points of focus, as well as incorporating a particular feel. I think when utilizing this information into a 'Character Bio', I'll use this method again as a great tool of reference for designing.

1 comment:

  1. compilation of research - I've never seen a more epic one on this course :D