Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Extracting Filmic Influences - Lady Snowblood

After speaking to Phil and Tom Beg a few weeks back about possible films to could help with ground my character into a workable story, taking influences from Japanese cinema and

Lady Snowblood '1973'

A flamboyantly blood-spattered samurai revenge picture with a twist: the implacable seeker of retribution is a slender female with a flawless ivory complexion and a dead-center killer stare. Born in prison, Snowblood is raised by a martial priest and trained to fulfill a single purpose: tracking down, and assassinating the four cackling fiends who killed her father and persecuted her mother to an early grave.

I loved this film, and as I watched, I could automatically relate my own character to the the protagonist in this film, as though I had already watched it previously. There are many simmilarites between the Yuki-Onna and Lady Snowblood, and using her as a basis of inspiration 'Facially' could evoke a similar beauty she encapsulates, as well as placing an 'asian' aesthetic into the Japanese origin of my character, as opposed to using a European face as influence

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  1. great!

    get designing, Bob - just don't stop drawing, and don't inhibit yourself with too much thinking - remember, it's going to be an intuitive work-flow too. More drawings, bob - keep them coming.