Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Extracting Filmic Influences - Ugetsu Monogatari

Another edition to the influences I intend to include into my character, suggested by Tom Beg, I must admit I was slightly unsure about why I was directed to this film as it takes some time setting the scene, however towards the end all became clear.

Ugetsu Monogatari '1953'

Presented in a manner as eerie as it is heartbreaking, this film is a gorgeous supernatural fable about the folly of men with dreams larger than their abilities and their women who suffer as a result. Genjuro is a potter who longs for wealth and luxury while Tobei , a farmer, dreams of the glories of the samurai to the point of ignoring his wife. Though a war rages around them, they venture to town to sell their wares. Genjuro becomes bewitched by a beautiful though vengeful ghost, while his wife is murdered by a soldier; Tobei becomes a noted warrior, while his wife descends into prostitution after being raped while searching for her husband.

The spirit in this story being my main focus, is a temptress of sorts, and has the ability to entrance men in into mindless love, and eventually death. This can relate to some characteristics of Yuki-Onna. I felt taking screen caps of certain moments, such as poses, lighting, scenery and expressions she pulled could help as a reference point, in order to capture the eerie, manipulative, seductive atmosphere.


  1. Nice one, Bob. I'm glad you've been able to get something from Lady Snowblood and Ugetsu.

    Kenji Mizoguchi easily sits within the pantheon of 'great directors',if such a thing exists. I love the incredible tracking shot near the end, when his wife appears as if from nowhere. Almost like the film reel itself is haunted...

  2. yes! that was a pretty nice effect actually, very subtle...thanks for the shout outs man, really helped alot :)

  3. Okay Bob - some additional links:

  4. Thanks alot there phil, managed to find a few of these and more earlier...some really lovely stuff excited :D