Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Narrative of 'The Tale of Yuki-Onna' & Character Biography

After spending a significant amount of time researching many different area's of influence, and trying to ground my character within these. I feel as though I've 'discovered' my own version of Yuki-Onna, in a fresh, modern twist on the Japanese folklore.

I realise this because it feels like the character couldn't  be written any 'other' way then what I've established here. There is no fat, but rather pieces/facets that tie together to form a new character born of a 'world' relative to my research.

I'm aware a lot of this is text based, hence trying out this new way of conveying it. Creating these boards are also doubling up as a making of, and a much more professional way of presenting my work in regards to previous projects.

With the Back-story in place, its helped set a world where I can ground/justify transcribing Yuki-Onna, and the motifs that surround her in the original tales. The Synopsis is just version of the Back-story, with all the fat cut away, and slightly elaborates on Yuki-Onna.

The Character Bio is the real meat in this package, an inspired mix of both Research Compilations, as well as some elements/themes I feel bring the character to life. This will act as a reference board whenever I begin to design new elements.

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