Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Stylised Silhouettes

I've FINALLY began to develop visuals for Yuki-Onna. I felt after my Alchemy visuals, the first important step was to finish everything behind the logic of Yuki-Onna, so I knew her like the back of my hand. This obviously lends itself to the design, taking for instance my Character Bio.

Silhouetting the body for me was the way forward in my Pre-Production, choosing how to stylise her body, as well as and portraying her character. I took influence from the shapes of icicles, to get the cold nature of snow/frost, which is embedded into her persona.

Talking with Alan after this step, he guided me towards Japanese Waves/Wind as a source of shapes, as the icicle shapes maybe 'too stylised'. He later suggested I could take influence from icicles and incorporate it into costume development, a creating a balance of the two.I painted the silhouettes in these versions with ink, infusing elements of traditional Japanese mediums, and fashion illustration to gain a style, as well as 'fluidity' from the Waves/Wind

I think the answer is a mixture of both these stylises. My next step will be refining this direction, by blocking
out more silhouettes, and cutting in some detail/colour, whilst playing with proportion more, as these are all quiet similar.

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