Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Yuki-Onna - Character Sketches, Asian Facial Studies, Final Silhouette Shape

Bit of an update here, with a mixture of different work I began at the weekend after speaking with Alan. Time is getting on, so I really need to speed up my pre-production stage to allow my self more time in production and post.

Here are some sketches I made in preparation for design of Yuki-Onna, in terms of her face. Some are more stylised than others, but I found each one was effective in exploring how she should look, instead of steaming into a full portrait, and changing my mind afterwards. In terms of hair, I wanted to try and incorporate 50's styled hair with a oriental twist such as No.2, as well as some modern influences.

However, it struck me that each one didn't quite convey the Japanese/Asian roots of the character, which is clearly a problem. So some self-medication was needed into what splits eastern features from western.

I feel I began to get to grips with the features of Asian women to a certain degree, noticing certain traits in each one:

Smallish eye-ducts
Lips that are tight around the eye that face downwards parallel to the nose
Tight skin that travels outwards
Eyes tend to be quite big
Round, button-like nose, flatter to face at the bridge
Small, plump lips

Considering this, I felt it was important to start to finalise the body. Taking Alan's advice in combining the two most effective out of my previous silhouettes, I reached a conclusion:

I'm really happy with the final one here, I feel it incorporates many of the influences and idea's I wanted, from fashion illustration to preying mantis proportions, with a stylistic approach born from Japanese waver to represent it's origin, and icicles to show her personality.

However, in terms of the 'design' such as her slots and details that make her 'Android' these I feel still need at least one more development. Incorporating elements from my previous designs, although most will literally be adding onto this design, there will be more of a focus onto it's 'subtleness' through shading and skin-tone, making her more 'human' and 'sexually attractive'.


  1. looking good bob son. ham sandwiches must get the creative juices flowing

  2. Bob? It's all gone very quiet on here - and I missed your interim crit. Time for an update please! :)