Thursday, 3 November 2011

Yuki Onna Silhouette Development

In regards to my previous experiments in ink using influences from Japanese waves and icicles, here are some more refined versions of those silhouettes, along with some detail of the body. There are variations between them, for instance poses, the size of the torso in comparison to the legs, as well as different sizes of head.

I feel the answer for my final body shape/design is here, combining a mixture of different elements, so with a little help feel free to leave a comment which ones you feel work and why in regards to my character bio.

When considering Yuki-Onna's clothing, some of these designs will be to complex and possibly clash, or be unseen, however I feel it was necessary to get a wide range to see what works. Whilst deciding on the final body style, I will be focusing on the portraiture of the character, as well as a final pose to use for alchemy when generating idea's for clothing, combing previous elements and influences from my first alchemy experiment in this project.

Once I've got the shape, I'll begin to put together some turnarounds of the body, which will hopefully allow me to start modelling next week at the earliest. 


  1. 2, 4 are my favourites, but in terms of what you're going for, the last one seems to be the one

  2. 2 is defo the one Bob. The last ones thighs i think are too thick for what your going for, they look a little meaty. The slenderness of 2 is on point, the hips are killer too.