Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Update - The Tale of Yuki-Onna, and the story so far....

It's been a long time since I've posted on my Blog and showed what I've been up to, and I know in previous projects this is a bad habit of mine, which usually occurs as a sign of me not doing as much work as I should have...however I have been cracking on this whole time, going through alot of struggles with modelling, and tieing up lose project ends on the side, pushing forward everything at once.

So this post will act as a quick creative dump, posting all my Design/Photoshop work to date and prior to moving into Maya, so I can begin posting again as I finish little bits :)

These were poses I created playing loosely with Yuki-Onna's sexual allure, gaining as much out of the curves of her body as possible for idea's towards my final render. Below this an experiment to see how make these poses interact an environment, that I found simple, stylistic and effective when imagining these silhouette's in an actual 'space'

Onwards to actually start getting a visual as to how Yuki-Onna's character actually looks, I took into consideration the Japanese studies I put together, along with the initial sketch's I made, combining them with the Character Bio I put together, which gave me this end result. I decided to use the fastest route, which started of as an initial pencil piece, scanning and digitally painting till I arrived at what I felt was a great design.

After playing around with the colour variations of Yuki-Onna, which I felt was a very important aspect to ensure her cold nature, and beautiful aura comes through, I ended on the last 2 images as my last design, however after the interim crit, and with feedback, nearly the whole class suggested she looks not only more sexual, but chilling with no hair. I found this odd at first, as I aim a very 'Hair orientated' designer, but also pleased, because she doesn't 'need' hair to still have a sexual appeal, meaning the facial design works a treat :D

Moving on from this point, i took some time to put together modelling ortho's, which if I'm honest, I struggled quite a bit, translating my previously designed body shapes, into fully working turnarounds was a nightmare, but, I feel I got what I wanted. The head also was very difficult, as I had to still attempt to translate what I learned from the Asian facial studies into a side view, whilst looking at reference.

Just some costume reference I put together so you can see what I'm heading for:

Currently I'm pushing forward into the last parts of modelling, whilst finishing of some final costume designs, however alot of the work indeed is in the body, hence spending much of my time re-routing geometry to try and make it as high rez and accurate as possible, it's been a serious learning curb for me at this moment, but hopefully I can wrap that part up within the next few days, and prepare for rigging, skinning and texturing.


  1. you're alive, i'm pleased, but where are those models, Bob? There's no point hiding them away if some advice from Alan and your peers could prove useful... come on, don't be coy.

    1. Whats going on Bob? Whats the situation?

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