Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Major Project - Alchemy Prep & Shape Creation Tutorial

Although my project isn't exactly set in stone as of yet, I know roughly where I want it to head, and I feel it'll be good to start to get some visuals down to explain my idea further and more effectively considering it's a visually driven piece. Yesterday I began to gather some shapes and brushes from various sources, and carry out the laborious task of filtering through ABR. brush sets individually, to single out the brushes I want to use in alchemy, which where very floral, intricate and ornamental, an above all typical of Art Nouveau.

However the problem I came across in previous projects is that with intricacies and dots, is that it generates well too many negative space shapes, and those said dots as separate singular shapes, which breaks the fluidness and effectiveness seen in it's standard brushes.

So I set out to find a way to remedy this, and make the brushes into fuller shapes. After many hours and perseverance, I cracked it again :D. I decided to put a tutorial together for people who might want to join me in this technique, as well as a point of reference for myself

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