Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Major Project - A Starting Point

So after having my first tutorial with Alan, which mainly consisted of discussing my Re-Sub from my Minor Project, and how to go about pushing the groundwork I've reached to a final conclusion, I put forward my idea of using 'Art Nouveau' as a starting point for this project.

I started to consider this as a general direction whilst working on my Minor Project, however no particular route came to fruition during this period. after discussing this with Alan the day of the briefing, he suggested that I came back this week with more in mind in terms of content instead of style. There is one particular idea in mind which I can't seem to shake off, which is to create an Art Nouveau styled painting, usually consisting of a female surrounding by natural forms, tones  markings, and translate it to an inspired 3D Character and Environment.

Similar to what I proposed with my Minor, instead this time around, I want elements to be animated, almost like a moving, Animated Painting. To give and example, looking at the piece above by 'Alphonse Mucha', I can imagine many of the cloth, leaves and hair to be subtly moving, in conjunction to this the move clearer components and designs to be rotating, slotting, falling into place similar to many VFX pieces

Purplemid - Ramadanman from Jack Chute on Vimeo.

I can imagine to look very visually stunning, however content wise it seems very flat. What I propose is to transcribe not only a style, but also a piece of literature, such as a poem, that was created around the same time as when Art Nouveau was in it's prime, and 'Personify' the core elements found within the said piece, into the design and final result itself.

The next step will be to define the source of transcription, and build some visual and background research on Art Noveau, as well as more examples more subtle animation

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