Friday, 9 March 2012

A Fantasia Of Art Nouveau - Music Consideration

It's been a few days since I took up looking for composers/musicans that could be related to the Art Nouveau Movement, which proved harder than I thought. This is mostly because stating that a 'composer/musican'reflects or has attributes of Art Nouveau within their peices is more of an opinon than soild fact.

I took some time to research into this, and found a few articles that stated some artists that fall into this classification. It's very important to me that I find the right composer/piece as I want it to not only direct the timing of my animatic/previs, but contribute to my design.

Some artists for consideration, and links to back up sources.

Richard Strauss

Vitezslav Novak, Josef Suk, Mikalojus ─îiurlionis,+J.+Suk+and+M....-a0107422627

Claude Debussy

Eric Satie

After finding these artists, I began sifting through thier peices to find somthing that would have the right flavour for my project, which took a considerable amount of time, as I needed to take into consideration the tone/mood of my peice as well as how effective the tempo of some of these songs would be to animate to. Eventually, I narrowed it down to three pieces:

Now, apart from trying to decide which one I want, I've had to consider copyright issues, somthing I'm very unfamilliar with, after some research I've found only both Debussy and Satie fall into the public domain, due to their deaths 70+ years prior, however the recordings made of their music more presently become protected by copyright law, which is really annoying. So I've made the descion to use these songs as a 'Starting Point' for the flavours I feel work, and to begin searching for Royalty Free songs that I'm able to legally use.

List Of Public Domain Composers

Useful Coprigtht Sites

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