Monday, 28 May 2012

A Fantasia Of Art Nouveau - Pre-Deadline Update 2

After covering a huge amount of time in my last post, this features more recent progress, focusing mostly on animation tests, shader experiments and pre-vis and renders.

Sadly with a lack of resources and time, I haven't been able to take any fully rendered shots, so I've prepared rendered stills, passes and playblasts as an insight into what my finished piece would have infact resembled.

I began test after hearing how faulty the Toon Shader can beon animated objects, and without having used it before,  starting with a somthing simple like a cube proved to be a good insight. Using the same scene lighting as my animation to keep consistence.

After this, I pushed the technique further using Ebony as a the object, changing the size and colour. In motion it's seems to work, however when paused, the outlines are slightly misplaced.

Moving on whilst playing experimenting with animating my components and the toon shader, I moved towards focusing on separate objects working together. This is an example of what would be expected in my renders

On another tangent, here are pass through of my actual scene, to give a better idea of how I would have carried out camera angles in conjunction to giving my work a 3D essence. This would be the main camera, passing through slowly as component animation would build together and fall into place.

This particular section above, would be cut at intervals into the main camera to keep the animation fresh. Although I do have another playblast of my animation, this will be featured on my CD. Finally, here are the last remaining making of images I need to upload, focusing on visualising what would otherwise be lacking from my playblasts

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